The Roots

Once upon a time, neither in the Wild West nor in North Carolina, but around a corner of the Karolina street in Budapest, when the high-speed internet was 64Kbit/s, ordinary people formed a fellowship to make fun and to investigate phenomena associated to various diseases. Their fight with resistance of cancer cells, cystic fibrosis, and national laws transformed them to extraordinary humans (they possibly can be called heroes, but sometimes they were called simply outlaws) and they made a significant impact on their fields at the international level. Importantly, the environment provided a safe place for discussions on any scientific and non-scientific topics in spite of the pretty different views on religious, philosophic, political, and scientific issues. They also put emphasis on training scientists for and people of the next generations.

They have also realized the importance of the Connection, therefore they built an own network, when the default connection was regularly overflowed from 10 AM. Balázs Sarkadi suggested as the name for their domain. Lajos Kalmár and me (Tamás Hegedűs) launched a linux server, which was hacked in 24 hours. Then Gábor Tusdnády helped in securing and also became a system administrator, when the internet speed reached 512Kbit/s. Finally, after the era of Zoltán Ondrejó, the responsibility of the system fall back to me.

Sarkadi, Balázs Váradi, András